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On-Site Safety.
Please follow the signage and instruction on site. Use the parking bays provided and allow our team to assist you when loading and unloading. Keep clear of all our site vehicles. Always report to the shop and sales team before entering the yard area. 

Our team are here to help keep you safe so if you are instructed by a member of our team to stand in a safer place or manoeuvre your vehicle please co-operate for your own safety. 


Terms of Business. 


Our terms of business can be found at this download link. 

If you require any clarity or if you have any questions we would ask you to please email us and one of our accounts team will come back to you when they are able. (We always try to respond as quickly as possible, our accounts team have a very busy office so we ask that you please give us up to two days to respond to your request.) 



We are open to feedback and we like to know what works well for our customers. We are always evolving and changing to keep our business relevant and to provide the best service we can to our customers. 


Privacy and how we use your data. 

Our privacy policy can be found at this download link. If you have any concerns about privacy you are welcome to email our Head Office Data protection Officer directly at and Kirsty will be happy to help you. We do not use marketing companies to send out junk mail or spam emails. Our computer systems are also closely monitored by a team of computing engineers who make sure our website and our network is secure. 


Our payments are secure and card details are taken in accordance with the PCIDSS standards. If you would like to see our certificate please click this download link. 

Modern Slavery 

Our company complies with the modern slavery legislation and our published statement can be seen at the following link. 

If you have any other questions please click here to call us directly or visit our contact page for more details. 

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