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Manufacturer- Lagan


Size of Tile (overall) 420 X 330mm
Minimum Pitch 17 1/2 º (for rafter length over 8 metre, please
consult our technical department)
Maximum Pitch 90º (subject to fixing specification)
Headlap (minimum) 75mm above 25º // 100mm at 25º or below
Headlap (maximum) 100mm
Gauge (maximum) 345mm
Covering Width of one tile (nominal) 297mm
Covering Capacity (Headlap 75 mm) 9.8 tiles / m2
Covering Capacity (Headlap 100 mm) 10.5 tiles / m2
Hanging Length (nominal) 400mm
Weight per 1000 (approx.) 5.4 tonnes
Recommended Batten size (see BS5534)
• Rafter centres up to 600mm 50x25mm
Recommended Nail size 50mm x 3.35mm
Maximum Pitch 90º (subject to fixing specification)
Profile Depth (nominal) 0mm


SKU: 13400050
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